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Physics is a study of basic laws of nature and their manifestation in different natural phenomena. Physics is the study of the physical world and matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force.

Impact and uses of Physics :

• It can explain a phenomenon happening over a large magnitude with a simple theory.
• Experiments and observations are used to develop new theories for unidentified phenomena and improve old theories for existing phenomena.
• Development of devices using laws of physics.

Scope of Physics

Scope of Physics is vast as it covers quantities with length magnitude as high as 1040 m or more (astronomical studies of the universe) and as low as 10–14 m or less (the study of electrons, protons, etc). Similarly, the range of time scale goes from 10–22s to 1018s and mass from 10–30 kg to 1055 kg.
Physics is broadly divided into two types based on its scope. Classical Physics and Modern Physics. Classical physics deal with the macroscopic phenomena while modern physics deals with the microscopic phenomena.

Fundamental Forces in nature

The forces which we see in our day to day life like muscular, friction, forces due to compression and elongation of springs and strings, fluid and gas pressure, electric magnetic, interatomic and intermolecular forces are derived forces as their originations are due to a few fundamental forces in nature. A few fundamental forces are :
1. Gravitational Force :
2. Electromagnetic Force :

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